Tuesday, October 11, 2005

India: IIPM is pissed off at bloggers for their rants

Indian Institute of Planning & Management (IIPM) is pissed off at a concerted reaction from a number of bloggers and has sent 'legal notices' to a few. It all started with an article by Rashmi Bansal, an ex-IIM in her JAM Magazine that has become a 'HOT' topic.

There is a whole lot of sensible and insensible viewpoint, comments, rants, raves, flames and what not on the subject here and here. It is believed that the keyword -- 'IIPM' became the most popular subject discussed in the blogosphere for a while. For the current status on Technorati, click.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Star's 'Sansani' TV show captures sleaze: keep it up!

Star TV’s program ‘Sansani’ is a must-watch since it appears to be a sincere attempt at exposing corruption, blackmail, exploitation and the gory-happenings.

It is difficult and depressing to see all the sleaze every night before dozing off, but the show has been successful at pointing out some shocking misadventures and the producers deserve a round of applause for showing stuff as it is.

Going by the rate at which s**t has been happening all around us, the show’s team is going to be very busy in the coming times.

Another wake-up call for the nation's admins?!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hmm! Interesting ... civil disobedience forces Delhi (India) government to retrace power tariff hike

Delhi's power-hungry citizens joined hands to lash out at the state's government and start a civil disobedience movement demanding reduction in the power tariffs hiked recently by the private power distribution companies (of the TATA and Reliance Groups).

Through their residents’ welfare associations and other citizen's forums, they were able to jolt the discoms and the politicos out of their complacent ways and have nearly secured a rollback.

Is this a good precedent? I am certain, we will see other similar reactions on many others issues concerning law & order, infrastructural maladies and public welfare in the coming times.

Civil disobedience sans violence is a powerful means of agitation. Given the poor state of infrastrucure, esp. public utilities across the country even after nearly 6 decades of independence, it is time the people made the politicos and the high-brow administrators (read bureaucrats) aware that they will be held accountable for mis-management. It is another matter that big private businesses seem to be as wasteful and completely unaware of their social responsibilities as their benefactors.

Well done, Delhi!